The Municipal Group VOX in the City of Guadalajara will request in the next ordinary plenary session of the Ariacense capital that the Municipal Corporation, and therefore, the Government team, made up of PSOE and Citizens, require the Government of Spain to withdraw the Organic Law of Modification of the LOE (LOMLOE), or failing that the modification of the additional provision referring to the Spanish language "So that Spanish is recognized as a vehicular language of education throughout the Spanish territory".

This is what the spokesperson for the VOX Group in the Guadalajara City Council, Antonio de Miguel, during a press conference in which he also announced that his training will request "The financing by the City Council of the total cost of the masks for all residents of the city because the VAT applied this week is still insufficient".

"A sectarian educational law and therefore the Guadalajara City Council cannot look the other way"

In the educational field, Antonio de Miguel has explained that "The VOX Group in the City Council is going to ask the socialist mayor of Guadalajara, Alberto Rojo, and also his partners from Ciudadanos, to demand that the Government of Spain make this new Education Law consider a reasonable proportion of Spanish as a vehicular language, with a minimum figure, applicable, at least, to be chosen by parents so that their children can study in their mother tongue, when it comes to Spanish, for which all core subjects must be included, which they reach in the educational system around 60 percent of the weekly schedule ".

As reported by the municipal spokesperson for VOX in Guadalajara, Antonio de Miguel, “Pedro Sánchez's assignments to the independentists are unlimited, now trampling our language, Spanish. The 'Celaá Law' gives free rein to the independentists to fulfill their desire to eradicate Spanish from the classrooms, it is an ideological, liberticidal and sectarian law that wants to make a unique school, which goes against the weakest, and in the one that prevails the ideology of the left over any other educational aspect ".

Thus, De Miguel has stressed that "At VOX we will always defend the freedom of education and the equality of Spaniards before the law against those who want to impose division and ideological indoctrination".

For this reason, the VOX spokesman in the Guadalajara City Council has asked the Guadalajara Government team of the socialist Alberto Rojo and Citizens "That they do not look the other way and defend freedom of education, demanding that Sánchez and Iglesias withdraw this educational law".

Antonio de Miguel has also announced that this Sunday he will be present at the demonstration organized by the ‘More plurals’ platform for the freedom of Education, and that it will leave from the parking lot of the Ferial Plaza Shopping Center at 11 am.

"VOX asks for free masks for all the residents of Guadalajara"

On the other hand, the Municipal VOX Group will ask, in another motion, "That the Guadalajara City Council urge the Government of Spain and that of Castilla-La Mancha to finance and provide free masks, hygienic or surgical, as long as they are mandatory for all Guadalajareños, over six years of age".

This has been announced by the VOX spokesperson, Antonio de Miguel, who considers "insufficient" the VAT approved this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers: "We must provide masks to all residents of Guadalajara and also, free of charge if the Government imposes that obligation. Less political salaries and more real measures for all the residents of Guadalajara who are suffering the consequences of the health and economic crisis as a result of the disastrous management of the left-wing governments of Spain, Castilla-La Mancha and Guadalajara ", has emphasized Antonio de Miguel.

Sign request for a zebra crossing in the city center

On the other hand, and in addition to these two motions, the VOX Group will take to the plenary session and, as usual, several questions addressed to the municipal government team. Among them, they will ask for the signage of the zebra crossing "Invisible to many neighbors", as detailed by Antonio de Miguel, who crosses Calle Mayor with Calle del Carmen, in the vicinity of Plaza de El Jardinillo: “There are many neighbors who constantly ask us about this invisible zebra crossing. The high traffic of vehicles, the lack of paint and the high volume of pedestrians makes this point a dangerous place. For this reason, from our Municipal Group we will ask the Government team the reasons why this step is not indicated ", specifies De Miguel.

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