Madrid, June 13, 2019. Yesterday, VOX submitted its formal application for admission to the Group of European Conservatives and Reformists in the European Parliament.

The CRE Group is a consolidated European parliamentary group, with almost a decade of experience and with a proven ability to influence parliamentary activity European Union, especially characterized by the firmness in the defense of freedom and justice.

In coherence with the values ​​that the name of the group indicates, the parties integrated in the CRE will promote the reform of the community norms and institutions for curb federalist aspirations from other leftist groups, to increase the democratic and transparent life of the European Union and to demand respect and promotion of the most basic individual and family freedoms and that are threatened in Europe by the social democratic consensus.

VOX will begin the defense of its convictions in Brussels accompanied by broad-spectrum parties characterized by the defense of constitutional order and the sovereignty of the Member States in the face of the intrusions of the community institutions, which are so often abusive and questionable.

Respect for the sovereignty and integrity of Spain

VOX has decided to join this European alliance after having consolidated the CRE group's commitment that the parties that comprise it, without exception, they will not interfere in the constitutional order, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Member States.

The CRE Group is also committed to respecting VOX voting autonomy in those central issues of our proposal: Spain, the defense of our rural world and cultural traditions or the promotion of the Christian identity of Europe.

Thus, VOX lays the foundations of what is going to be an essential point of its activity in Europe: defend the unity, security and dignity of our Homeland and fight against all those who, directly or indirectly, seek to attack or belittle our constitutional order and the unity and sovereignty of Spain, guarantees of our freedoms and our way of life.

To this end, the co-chairman of the CRE group, Ryszard Legutko, has sent a letter to the VOX delegation in the European Parliament.

In the letter, Ryszard Legutko mentions "respect for constitutional, democratic and sovereign integrity and the independence of the Member States " as "fundamental value" of the CRE Group's action. In addition, it affirms that the members of the CRE "do not participate or promote, under the protection of the group, activities that question the internal policy, the Constitution, or the sovereign integrity of another member state".

"The future success of the European Union depends on the mutual respect for the independence of each and every Member State·, Concludes the text. The representatives of VOX in Europe consider this statement by their co-president a necessary demonstration of the strength and respect that Spain deserves and its constitutional order.

Finally, we want to thank the interest that other parties and groups of the European Parliament have shown in VOX. We consider the different approaches an evident example that the social and national movement that VOX represents represents a great opportunity for the whole of Europe.

From VOX, we reaffirm that we will devote our greatest efforts in to achieve the unity of action of all the parties that in Europe want to confront the leftist consensus, anti-European globalism and the intentions to erase the Christian identity of Europe. Unit of action with those who believe in the voluntary cooperation of sovereign States as a way to strengthen true Europe. Therefore, from our membership in the CRE we will maintain the most cordial relations with all the Parties of the Parliament, without participating or being accomplices with sanitary cords contrary to democracy.

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