San Fernando May 14, 2020. The homeless have become a vulnerable group when it comes to becoming infected by the coronavirus Because many of them have chronic diseases and cannot take any of the main measures to prevent infection: wash their hands with soap and water and stay home if they have symptoms of the disease.

Although it is true that in the second fortnight of March we knew the news of the creation of a temporary shelter to serve homeless people, with the start of the de-escalation, the uncertainty is again planning on this vulnerable group.

For all the above, the councilor Francisco Paredes, has presented a series of questions to find out first-hand what kind of actions the government team is carrying out in relation to homeless people and what type of contact or action it has planned or plans to carry out once the de-escalation of confinement has begun.

Further, Walls has requested information on whether the government team plans to contact these entities dedicated to helping homeless people in relation to the steps to be followed and their protection during de-escalation.

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