Madrid, June 20, 2019. VOX has initiated the expulsion proceedings of the party of Juan José Bonilla López and Rosa María Martín Escobar, elected councilors in the Almeria municipality of The Ejido after having taken the deputy provincial deputy by the Judicial Party of Berja (Almería) against the decision of the national leadership of the party.

After the municipal elections on May 26, a VOX He had two provincial deputies. One of them corresponded to the Berja area. The decision of the party leadership was that this position should be filled by Juan José Ibáñez, elected councilor in the municipality of Adra. Against that decision, Bonilla and Martín They decided to appropriate the position. The first as holder of the same and the second as substitute.

During the last few days, the party's Organization department tried to get Bonilla to comply with the guidelines set out, which he denied, alleging that the position belonged to him. All this despite the fact that he has been explained the need for his work in a key municipality in the VOX strategy and on which he should focus his work.

Personal interest

Bonilla carried out the negotiation for the formation of Government team in the City Council of El Ejido. In that municipality VOX It was the second political force after the municipal elections, which won 7 councilors of the 25 councilors, behind the PP with 9. During the negotiations, Bonilla imposed the need to keep as released, in charge of the consistory, six of his councilors, expecting that he would be released as a provincial deputy.

After knowing that the decision of the party was not that he held the position in the deputation, He decided to put his personal interest first, seconded by Rosa María Martín as a substitute, instead of allowing a more depressed area like Adra to have representation.

VOX will not tolerate personalities

The file of expulsion of Bonilla and Martín, that already has been initiated by VOX, is based on the Councilman Bonilla's refusal to accept the decisions of the party and his decision to put personal ambition before work for the improvement of the situation of citizens.

Since VOX it will not be tolerated that any of your elected officials use this game as a platform to satisfy their personal interests. One end of which he had already been warned during the campaign of the past municipal elections from the party's Organization team against unclear attitudes of Bonilla.

The party has already begun the reorganization of VOX in El Ejido.

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