Córdoba, Wednesday April 22, 2020. Of the total of 21 amendments presented by Vox To the Córdoba city council budgets for 2020 there is an important commitment to local commerce, the promotion of local purchases and the digital transformation of traditional commerce and SMEs.

"Despite the votes against the left-wing parties, we have managed to introduce in the budgets around 350,000 euros to activate the local economy and alleviate the situation derived from this pandemic that the self-employed and small merchants are suffering," he explained. Manuel Chamber, economic advisor to Vox Córdoba.

The aid set out in amendments 11 and 12 is intended for this sector. “Amendment 11 includes a budget injection of sixty thousand euros to support activity in open shopping centers; on the other hand, amendment 12 is intended to promote the digital transformation of commerce with a total of 80,000 euros, ”says Chamber.

To these two amendments must be added Amendment 21, with an allocation of 200,000 euros. In this we collect the creation of a budget application in order to develop a campaign whose cross-cutting objective is to carry out communication, awareness, awareness and support for local businesses. We would attend to all its modalities and activities to be carried out, as well as awareness and promotion of the consumption and use of local products.

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