The VOX Municipal Groups Benalmádena, Torremolinos and El Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga) want to show their absolute willingness to participate in all meetings that aim to overcome the current Coronavirus crisis and mitigate its future consequences in the three municipalities. However, the three groups will only take part in these meetings as long as they are public and citizens are aware of the measures proposed by each of the political parties. Therefore, they demand that they be carried out following all legal channels.

From VOX Benalmádena, the spokeswoman and councilor, Gema Carrillo, on May 6, sent a letter to the mayor of the municipality in which he showed his total willingness to attend all the meetings held to "work for and for Benalmádena and its neighbors, making use as public representatives of the law that assists us to know the data and the analysis of the situation and evolution of the pandemic and its economic and social consequences in our municipality, not only in the context of the health crisis that concerns us, but in all the situations that may occur. "

This work, explains the councilor, will result in "motions, requests and questions to the government team, so that they are publicly and sovereignly exposed, debated and democratically voted in the corresponding plenary sessions." For this reason, explains Carrillo, the GM VOX Benalmádena "will not sign pacts that imply decisions of dispatch behind closed doors violating the principle of transparency of the Public Administration".

For his part, Antonio Sevilla, councilor of VOX Torremolinos, rejects the proposal of the government team to deal with such important matters in the Information Commissions and not in a monographic plenary session. The councilman denounces that the space to transfer the proposals is the Plenary.

As Seville explains, "from VOX we want to work facing the people of Torremolinos". Therefore, "with the greatest spirit of collaboration with other political forces and with the priority of getting Torremolinos out of the crisis, we will participate in the Informative Commissions on Coronavirus issues, but our contributions and proposals from VOX will be, as always, directed to the Plenary Session so that the people of Torremolinos know them ”.

José Rodríguez, VOX councilor in El Rincón de la Victoria, explains that the Municipal Government team agreed to carry out work committees where they agreed on a document to take actions to deal with the crisis. The result of these commissions has been a document that seems more "brochure than an administrative file". And is that Rodríguez demands "concrete measures", while this document only shows "ambiguities".

In this sense, the councilor draws attention to some points of the document, which, in his opinion, do not respond to the needs to overcome the Coronavirus crisis, such as the lack of specific measures that generate confidence in businessmen, neighbors and potential visitors.

VOX Benalmádena Proposal

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, the GM of VOX Benalmádena has presented a battery of proposals to neutralize the impact of the pandemic on the population. Among them are a series of fiscal and tax measures for the municipal company Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena based not only on the tax moratorium, but on the reduction of taxes and fees by up to 50%; the drop in local rental prices; and the suspension accrue license fees of the commercial service of maritime excursions.

VOX Torremolinos

Among the measures proposed by the councilor of Torremolinos, the petition to the Consistory to approve its own Fiscal Contingency Plan stands out, which will prevent “not a single euro of public money from being used for anything other than helping to get out of the health emergency and economic ”.

In the same way, a motion was presented for the City Council to authorize that, during the

For the duration of the declaration of the state of alarm, political groups may allocate, in whole or in part, the financial provision legally established in their favor to associations affected by the Coronavirus or social projects to help those affected by the coronavirus.

VOX The Corner of Victory

Among the measures proposed by the VOX councilor is the request to carry out massive tests by offer made by the University of Malaga (UMA); The state of execution of certain budget items was requested, as well as the state of liquidity in the municipal treasury, being in constant coordination with the delegate councilor of the Treasury to be able to attend to the primary needs of the residents, preserving both the investment power of the City Council and the to undertake all current and extraordinary expenses due to the state of alarm.

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