The pandemic, together with the closure of the border, has caused the activity of the markets in Ceuta to be reduced and they are going through a double crisis in the city. A "particularly delicate" situation, since many freelancers who run jobs in markets that are still open, "see their subsistence in danger" and this is ensured by training. Therefore, VOX Ceuta will challenge, in the next plenary session to control the Government, due to the advances in the design of the campaign to promote the purchase of local products and revitalization of the market that the party carried out in plenary session in November and which was approved.

With the closure of the border, the products that used to arrive from Morocco through the Tarajal, "are currently scarcer and more expensive, having to transit from the Moroccan port to Algeciras, and later to Ceuta," says the party. For this reason, VOX Ceuta will question in the next plenary session of the Assembly, if the Government currently has a schedule to implement this initiative.

A proposal that aims to highlight the fundamental role that the market plays in the city, and in this way to promote the sale of its products. In addition, the training led by Juan Sergio Redondo wants to know the way in which the Executive will contribute to alleviate the losses that those responsible for these positions are suffering.

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