"Does the Government of the Autonomous City already have a list of illegal constructions on publicly owned land? This is one of the questions that VOX will ask the Government in the next control plenary session to find out if the proposal approved in the plenary session of July 2019 is being complied with. An initiative that sought to draw up a list of all illegal constructions located on public land in the city, detailing the legal situation, the number of files initiated and processed by the Local Police, and their classification based on architectural criteria, among other information.

However, a year later, “not only are some iconic illegal constructions such as the Torre del Príncipe still standing, but these types of works continue to proliferate and the latest example has been the so-called Villajovita tower,” says the formation. For this reason, VOX Ceuta will ask to know the number of illegal constructions on public lands, and if there is any strategy on the part of the Government to prevent this type of buildings from appearing.

The training led by Juan Sergio Redondo points out that “this plague continues to be unchecked in Ceuta since the files that are initiated end up facing a bureaucratic labyrinth that prevents illegal constructions from proliferating and that, once a work without permission is detected , it can be paralyzed urgently ”.

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