Murcia, March 23, 2020.– VOX Murcia will support any measure that comes from the national and regional government if it serves to protect the Spanish: this has been stated José Ángel Antelo, President of VOX Murcia.

"We will support concrete measures if they do not entail a toast in the sun, just as we did when we asked for the closure of educational centers in the Region", Antelo adds: "Logically we will also offer our support in terms of the occupation of hotels it refers to, as well as the closure of activities as long as these measures obey the execution of a specific emergency plan ”.

José Ángel has insisted on the importance that the aforementioned measures "do not produce a shortage of essential elements for the development of life in confinement for the population," he clarified.

"The President of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, must demand of Sánchez more means and all the necessary material to protect the health of our health workers, the State Security Forces and Bodies and all Spaniards, as well as the preparation of the army to install field hospitals if necessary, ”says Antelo.

The President of VOX Murcia urges the central government to act with precision and the regional government to implement, without delay, the carrying out of massive tests, as they have been announcing for some time and as the WHO has requested on numerous occasions to stop Covid- 19.

Lastly, José Ángel Antelo has reiterated that it is necessary “that the administrations coordinate and not enter into political wars that endanger the health of the Spanish: measures must be adopted that obey a national plan to stop the coronavirus”, and the Provincial President concludes:

Spain will prevail and we will win together as the great nation that we are!

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