The deputy of the VOX parliamentary group in Andalusia, Manuel Gavira, accompanied by the local coordinator of Arcos de la Frontera, Antonio Palomar, has held a meeting with farmers, ranchers and hunters, in the Arcense district of The Vega of the Mills.
This event has opened the cycle of meetings planned by the VOX team in the locality to know first hand the concerns and needs of the different groups of the population, to take the proposals or complaints expressed by them to the Autonomous Chamber, some of them pending solution for years.
The representatives of the farmers in the area transferred to the regional deputy and the coordinator of the locality, the problems that are suffering, among them, the “painful prices” and “impossible to bear” that the farmers receive, given that the production costs They are above the income, or the entry of products from third countries that are sold at a lower price than yours, due among other factors because the requirements in their areas of origin are not as demanding as in the EU.

VOX has presented a non-law proposal requesting a tax reduction for Andalusian farmers

During the course of the meeting, Gavira informed the attendees about the Proposition No. of Law, that the VOX Group in the Parliament of Andalusia had registered that same morning and that it will be dealt with in the next Plenary held by the Parliament, with the aim of requesting a tax reduction for Andalusian farmers that compensates in some way the losses caused to the unfair prices that it has to bear for its products, as well as a reduction in energy and water expenditure and greater control of products that arrive from abroad and are falsely labeled as Spanish.

Gavira agrees to fight for livestock in the province

Similarly, the Cadiz deputy noted the problems expressed in the sector rancher committing to present as many initiatives as they can get, reiterating their willingness to study and support both groups.

VOX will propose to create an interautonic hunting license

the president of hunters talking with Palomar
The representatives of the hunters were able to know the VOX proposal to create a interautonic hunting license which will allow hunters to practice their hunting activity in Spain without the need to process a license each time they leave the autonomous community or come to Andalusia from other regions for their practice.
Gavira has promised to meet shortly with the irrigators collective of Arcos de la Frontera to try to know in more detail the problem that has plagued them for years.

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