The provincial group VOX will vote against the Budgets of the Provincial Council from Almería and will be manifested during the plenary session that is held this morning.

These Budgets, according to the political formation, are continuity and unreal. As in other years, the project contemplates fictitious income and expenses, which will undergo modifications of more than 50% throughout the year, as already happened in 2019 and 2020, and which will not finally be carried out or as initially planned, as has already happened in 2019 and 2020.

VOX has proposed to the government team eliminate financial contributions to political groups to be allocated to entrepreneurs and freelancers who are going through difficult times due to the crisis. The party considers that political groups should be financed with the fees and donations of its affiliates and supporters.

In addition, the provincial group VOX understands that a large part of the money that is currently allocated to institutional advertising and local communication, which are 500,000 euros, it is necessary to invest in drinking water for the towns of the province of Almería.

After submitting the amendments and receiving the refusals from the government team, VOX cannot show support for these Quotes.

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