Córdoba, Tuesday April 21, 2020. The uncertainty derived from the COVID-19 crisis did not guarantee, as announced by the municipal government team, the successful celebration of the Fair of Our Lady of Health in September, for which reason it has decided to suspend it, a decision that VOX has deemed correct.

"From Vox we share the suspension of the fair, We understand that it is not an event that is prepared overnight and in these current conditions it is impossible to make a certain forecast of whether it can be held or not, "said the spokesperson for VOX in the city of Cordoba, Paula Badanelli.

Working in the organization of the fair was, as we understand from VOX, doing it with uncertainty "the only thing we know right now is that there is a social emergency that must be covered and all the resources are few".

Also from VOX "we are clear that all who have the modus vivendi in the celebration of the fair of Our Lady of Health, as in other fairs, must have a response from the Administration and help them, when the moment to overcome this economic slump they have had to go through ”, Badanelli has clarified.

The suspension of the Córdoba fair has been a difficult decision to make but "it is more than understandable for everyone, what if we want to repeat is that at VOX we will be here to advance in what is necessary and try to work on what each sector needs ”.

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