The municipal VOX Group in the Azuqueca de Henares City Council voted in favor of the new Municipal Ordinance. It had the addition of an amendment proposed by the councilors Javier Ortega and Davinia Silva. In it, the local administration is required to address the security and unhealthy problems that the municipality has suffered in recent months. Specifically, VOX has placed special emphasis on the need to offer a forceful response to the proliferation of cases of illegal occupation of houses in the municipality.

In Ortega's words “The City Council cannot remain oblivious to this problem and, although it is obvious that we are sometimes faced with phenomena that transcend the scope of the Municipal Administration, within the framework of its competence, it must combat it effectively with the means that the legal system puts at its disposal. provision. Failure to comply with the basic rules of coexistence is a source of conflict and our neighbors demand that the public authorities, especially those closest to them, draw up increasingly detailed regulations, as well as active mediation measures and, where appropriate, of sanction, that help to resolve these conflicts ».

The Group spokesperson adds that “This ordinance is the instrument that enables the reduction and elimination of vandalism that may occur in our municipality, while addressing the aspects that have repeatedly generated problems among residents. With this, we have submitted an amendment to the original text and reached an agreement between the Government Team and Citizens that allows the municipality to provide the municipality with basic rules of coexistence, such as the care and protection of public spaces and urban furniture, cleaning and treatment of waste; the annoying noises that are generated in the home environment and, also, the problems that surround noise pollution, dirt, and the phenomenon of the bottle, among others ".

With respect to the vote cast in the previous plenary session by which VOX did not join the motion raised by Grupo Ciudadanos against the illegal occupation, they stand out from the training chaired by Santiago Abascal that “the declarations of intent by which the administration says it will ‘minimize’ cases of illegal occupation seemed to us and will always seem to us part of a soft and conniving discourse with those who break the law. The illegal occupation requires forcefulness and firmness, putting in place each and every one of the mechanisms that the law arbitrates so that, whoever illegally occupies and usurps the home from its legitimate owners, abandons it in less than 48 hours at the request of the authorities”.

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