VOX Zaragoza also marks the municipal government's agenda with the Goya Awards. The proposal to celebrate this Gala was presented by VOX on October 8.

The municipal government follows the agenda previously set by VOX. The municipal VOX group in the Zaragoza City Council confirms this again. As a result of the information about the candidacy that Zaragoza will present for the Goya 2023 Awards Gala.

“If before it was the budgetary modifications to provide the microcredits that they first rejected and then resumed in the following modifications, or in the reform of the ordinances in which they have presented a fiscal rescue plan for vulnerable sectors, which are exactly the measures that he proposed VOX and which they initially rejected, now is the proposal to hold the Goya Awards Gala in Zaragoza. VOX presented it in the registry on October 8 and was debated on the 23rd in the Culture and Foreign Projection Committee. Something that the municipal government is avoiding to recognize, presenting our proposals as their own”, Declared Julio Calvo.

On October 23, the spokesperson for the municipal group VOX asked the Culture and Foreign Projection Committee about the possibility of opting for the celebration of the Goya Awards Gala in 2023. A question that was presented in the registry on 8 October. In the same way, VOX also transmitted all its support and collaboration to the Government for the celebration of this event. VOX estimates, based on data in other cities that hosted the Gala, that the Goya Awards could leave the city with a direct return of 5 million euros and an indirect return of 50 million euros.

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