VOX Zaragoza announces its proposed resolutions for the State of the City Debate. The VOX spokesperson in the Zaragoza City Council, Julio Calvo, has advanced the six proposals for resolutions that the municipal group will take for the Debate on the State of the City.

Resolution motions

  • Immediate convocation of the Bilateral Capital Council. To address matters of interest such as:
  1. Pay the amounts established by the TSJA in its judgment on the tram debt to the Zaragoza City Council.
  2. Sign the bilateral economic-financial agreement for the period 2021-2023.
  3. Correct valuation and economic compensation of the competences attributed as their own in the Capital Law.
  4. Compensation for Zaragoza's contribution to the financing of the Aragon Treatment Plan for the ICA charge.
  5. Provide a solution to the equipment owned by the Government of Aragon abandoned in Zaragoza.
  6. The assumption by the Government of Aragon of the Artistic Education Schools of Zaragoza.
  • Strict compliance with the regulations on Public Function. Study of the needs of local Police personnel. Cover the necessary endowment for the effective exercise of its powers.
  • Carry out an exhaustive study (with concrete proposals and execution deadlines) to simplify the administrative structure. And of the set of autonomous companies and bodies. So that a more efficient and effective management of the different municipal powers is achieved.
  • Creation of the investor's office. Merge and integrate the current functions of Foreign Promotion and the General Directorate of European projects. As well as the preparation of a detailed strategic plan that sets objectives and a roadmap. “This office should offer the potential of our city. Regarding the availability of industrial land, communications, accesses, infrastructures, the job market and the capacity to host fairs and congresses ”, adds Julio Calvo.
  • Approval of municipal budgets with an 80% reduction in the contribution to municipal groups as a measure of exemplarity before the citizens. VOX Zaragoza recalls that in the previous year it was the only municipal group that returned an amount, specifically 90% of the allocated income, more than 15,000 euros.
  • Establish a calendar of concrete actions that expedite the appropriate procedures for the creation of a Free Zone, initiating appropriate contacts with both economic agents and the Government of Aragon.

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