The VOX councilor in the Zaragoza City Council, Carmen Rouco, will ask about the urban operations that the municipal government team is running. These include the sale of a plot in the extension of Avenida Gómez Laguna for the future hospital complex, the floors for houses in the old Pignatelli warehouses or the exploitation of the underground parking in Parque Bruil.


It will be in the next Urban Planning, Equipment, Infrastructure, Housing and Environment commission. Carmen Rouco will formulate the following set of questions:

Can you detail each of the urban operations in which the Urban Planning Area is working and what does it imply, transfer or transfer of use of land and public facilities? What development costs, term and investment program are there? What amount of income and what is the program of this income?

“Urban planning not only includes the world of urban planning, but also the world of urban management and execution. That is, costs and economic income that must be carried out in previously determined terms. Therefore, it is necessary that we all have a certain and precise knowledge of what it is that leads to the urban decisions that are adopted. We want all the urban operations that are being worked on to be detailed. Deadlines, costs and investment program, as well as the amount of income and the program for the sale of the plot of Avenida Gómez Laguna, land for houses in the old warehouses of Pignatelli or the exploitation of the underground parking of Parque Bruil ”, Carmen points out Rouco.

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