VOX Zaragoza calls for the resignation of Councilor Antoñanzas. The municipal group of VOX in the City Council of Zaragoza claims the resignation of the Councilor for Women, Equality and Youth. Or, failing that, that she be removed from her responsibilities. This is how the councilor of Vox, Carmen Rouco, defended it this Wednesday.

VOX has received with "perplexity" the campaign announced this Tuesday by the Councilor for Equality. In which it rechristens the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" of November 25 to "sectarianly call it Day Against Gender Violence." Rouco recalled that, in 1999, the United Nations General Assembly established the terminology International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Something that "must be respected if we want to remember all the victims and not just one part."

Around with the language

“We are witnessing how this Government of Popular Party and Citizens it is launching campaigns criminalizing males for the mere fact of being male. They give in to pressure and accept the postulates of the most radical left, exposing their slots. The term gender violence is created to try to divide society into exclusive groups in exchange for partisan gain. In Europe, only Spain and Belgium use this expression, which does not exist in the law of countries as advanced as Germany, France, Italy or the northern countries ”, argues Rouco.

Carmen Rouco adds that “VOX does not deny”Violence against women at the hands of men. Unlike, "VOX expands this concept to also fight against violence against women in all its acts. Thus, physical, sexual and psychological violence in the family, mistreatment, sexual abuse of girls in the home, female genital mutilation, trafficking in women, forced prostitution or forced marriages ”.

In turn, VOX advocates "the toughening of penalties for abusers." Penalties that were "softened" by the socialist Juan Alberto Belloch in his time as Minister of Justice in 1995. With the terminology used "the City Council of Zaragoza has decided to remember only a part of the female victims." Something that "is an offense to the victims of violence," laments Rouco.

The councilor of VOX has also charged against the "Inefficiency" in spending of the Department of Equality, in which as of October this year "they had only allocated 95,604 euros of the 1,174,510 euros that they drive to the shelter to help battered women." That is to say, only 8.1% of the council's budget is dedicated to affected women. "The rest goes to awareness workshops, exhibitions or merchandising such as posters that include messages that seek confrontation, as we have just reflected," he complains.

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