The Provincial Executive Committee of VOX Zaragoza and the two regional deputies They have participated in the demonstration by car, in defense of educational freedom. The event was convened by the More Plural platform, with the slogan “More free. More plurals. More equal ”. In Zaragoza it has had as its starting point the Río Ebro Campus, to later circulate through the city center.

"Celaá Law: sectarian and liberticide"

In statements to the media, the president of the CEP of VOX Zaragoza, Julio Calvo, has stated that it is necessary "an Education Law that has the maximum political and social support with stability over time." Something that has not happened "neither with the governments of the Popular Party or the Socialist Party."

He pointed out that there are "many reasons to oppose the Celaá Law." Since it is "clearly sectarian and liberticidal and reduces the decision-making areas of society, families and citizens." And, in turn, it is born "with the least possible support and causes a real social fracture."

Julio Calvo has described as "unusual" that the Celaá Law "deprives Spanish, the official language of the entire State, of its status as a vehicular language in education." Similarly, this reform "creates a real drama by ending special education for children with intellectual limitations and severe learning problems."

Calvo has lamented that "the Celaá Law charges against concerted education." Something that "laminates the freedom of education enshrined in the Constitution." “Concerted educational places cost the State half as much as public ones. And right now the public Administration is unable to cover with its means all the educational needs that concerted education is covering ”, he argued.

"Generations of intellectual destitution"

Finally, Calvo has expressed the fear that this reform "will plunge the next generations of Spaniards into a true intellectual and academic destitution". Given that "it further lowers the levels of demand to pass the course." "And it deprives them of the means to compete in an increasingly globalized and interdependent world," he concluded.

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