The Provincial Executive Committee of VOX Zaragoza took to the streets this Sunday, December 6. It was in the Plaza España in Zaragoza. With a great act to defend the Constitution, freedoms and fundamental rights of the Spanish. The manifesto has been read "In defense of constitutional legality”, As well as several articles of the Magna Carta and the national anthem has been heard. Thousands of Spaniards and Zaragoza have decided to participate in this public event open to all citizens.

“We plan to institutionalize and carry out this tribute every year, as we did last year. The Constitution is more threatened than ever and defends principles that are basic in any state of law. Among them, the unity of the Spanish nation, the defense of the rights of all citizens and the defense of our freedoms. The concept of nation is above all solidary and is reflected in the phrase of the three musketeers of "all for one and one for all." For example, if we have to build a highway on the Cantabrian coast, we build it together; as well as whether to build a desalination plant in La Gomera or an Olympics in Barcelona ”, has valued the president of CEP VOX Zaragoza, Julio Calvo.

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