VOX Zaragoza demands "political will" for the installation of integrated terraces in the Historic Center. The municipal group VOX Zaragoza asks the Government for "political will" so that the hotel business in the Old Town is allowed to install integrated terraces.

The councilor for VOX in the Zaragoza City Council, Carmen rouco, demands from the municipal government "the withdrawal of the criterion that prevents the installation of integrated terraces in the Historic Center". Rouco recalls that the City Council must "use all the means at its disposal to avoid the closure of businesses" and it is evident that the hospitality industry is one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. “In other streets such as Canfranc or Plaza Nuestra Señora del Carmen, integrated terraces can be installed. It is a question of political will ”, he concludes.

Recently, Carmen Rouco advanced that this was one of the questions to be raised in the next Public Utilities Commission

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