The VOX spokesperson in the Zaragoza City Council, Julio Calvo, has assessed in the press room the intervention of the mayor this Wednesday in the State of the City Debate. Bald considers that Jorge Azcón has been "too complacent" with the Government of Aragon in their eagerness to "build bridges." The regional executive has had an attitude "absolutely unfair with the city", since "the capital law is a fraud for Zaragoza."

Lack of claim

Therefore, Calvo believes that the City Council should be "much more vindictive." And demand "forcefully the money that the Government of Aragon owes us." “The improper powers quantified are 130 million euros. Y The bilateral economic-financial agreement provided for in the capital law has not been signed, by virtue of which 40.5 million euros have ceased to be received.", the Mint.

Julio Calvo recalled that on May 16, 2019, in the middle of the electoral campaign, the Popular Party denounced that "the DGA of Lambán and Alegría owes the people of Zaragoza 119 million." A vindictive attitude that "has not been maintained once he reached the mayor's office."

In Zaragoza it is not noticed that he governs

In matters of Finance, Calvo considers that Azcón has described a “difficult to fit stage"Since he talks about" reducing debt and taxes at the same time that he says that investment increases. " In VOX's opinion, the investment has not increased. "The municipal structure remains the same, with an increase in political spending and councils," he laments.

VOX Zaragoza does not share the vision that the mayor has given about the harmony between the two government groups. Julio Calvo stresses that there are “obvious different sensitivities”Between the Government partners. Something that leads them to maintain some "left policies, some of them inherited from Zaragoza In Common."

He has given as an example, that for the first time in the democracy in Zaragoza, “it had to be a center-right government that banned the presentation of a book –Of Cristina Seguí- at the Teatro Principal ”, in what is an exercise in“prior censorship”. To make matters worse, on the same dates he did carry out a presentation of another book in the Luis Buñuel of the opposite ideological sign. "In Madrid it is noticeable that the center right governs, but not in Zaragoza", he sums up.

The VOX proposals

Julio Calvo yes wanted to thank the mayor for having recognized that "all VOX proposals are absolutely reasonable and constructive" and seeking the "general interest." “The agreement with the Bar Association to advise against the illegal squatting of homes was a VOX proposal. As well as the creation of the Board of Administrative Economic Claims. Or the comprehensive mobility ordinance that is beginning to be drafted. The Office of Intrafamily Violence or the IBI rebates for the sectors most affected by the pandemic ”, he concluded.

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