VOX Zaragoza insists on the removal of the concrete wall from Avenida Navarra. The municipal group VOX Zaragoza regrets the lack of operation of the Government Team. Because it has not yet undertaken a minor work, such as the removal of the concrete wall from Avenida Navarra.

The VOX spokesman in the Zaragoza City Council, Julio Calvo, has once again demanded agility from the municipal government for the removal of the concrete wall located on Avenida Navarra. This wall was part of an old exit from a parking lot. And yet it has not been operational for more than 10 years.

It is a "minor work", which could be "perfectly resolved by the municipal brigades within a week". This is how Julio Calvo has valued it, who regrets "the lack of operation of this Government."

VOX Zaragoza understands that despite the fact that the reform of Avenida Navarra "is one of the great pending works of the city", in parallel "small maintenance works can be undertaken", as is the case of the aforementioned wall. Right now, "it hinders the transit of pedestrians and puts at some risk vehicles that are forced to pass very close to the wall," concludes Julio Calvo.

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