The VOX spokesperson in the Zaragoza City Council, Julius calvo, has shown its "concern." In particular, given the possibility that the Zaragoza City Council "loses more than two million euros." And this after the Administrative Litigation Chamber number 4 of Zaragoza has annulled a receipt from the company Saica. "Something that could be applicable to 40 other appeals presented to the City Council”, He adds.

Julio Calvo regrets having found out about this "transcendental information for budgets and that may have important repercussions" through the media. And not through the Minister of Finance, María Navarro, with whom he maintained a meeting this Tuesday precisely to address the budgets. "It does not seem to us the most correct way to start negotiating budgets hide information which he already had a few weeks ago, given that the sentence is dated November 13, "he argues. Calvo and Navarro will meet again, there is still no date for it.

At the same time, the VOX spokesperson considers that this situation is caused by the “incompetence”From the former Finance Minister, Fernando Rivarés, in the Government of Zaragoza in Common. “This is part of the inheritance received. The Constitution prohibits the arbitrariness of the public powers, which must always act in a motivated manner. The modification of the tax ordinances, specifically the ordinance that regulates the Tax on Economic Activities, was clearly arbitrary as ruled by the Superior Court of Justice of Aragon ”, he concludes.

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