The VOX spokesperson in the Zaragoza City Council, Julius calvo, shares the concern of the mayor, Jorge Azcón, for "the lack of funds" from the Government of Spain. Thus, it positively values ​​the announcement made this Wednesday by Azcón. And in which he has stated that "there are many possibilities" to travel next week to the Ministry of Finance to demand aid from the municipalities.

However, Julio Calvo regrets that this "belligerence" that Azcón shows with the Government of Spain, turns into "passivity with the Government of Aragon." Calvo recalls that the President of Aragon, Javier Lambán, estimated the capital fund at 50 million euros in his 2015 electoral program. A figure "which was reduced to 8 million once the capital law was approved." "Nor has the financial and economic agreement been signed between 2018 and 2020. And that would mean more than 40 million euros for the city of Zaragoza," he says.

The VOX spokesman considers that Jorge Azcón "seems to have forgotten" his electoral promise. Claim the 119 million euros in which the debt of the Government of Aragon with the Zaragoza City Council was quantified.

Calvo recalls that Azcón even held a campaign event next to the Pignatelli Building on May 16, 2019. And in which he detailed the different reasons why the regional executive owes money to the municipal government.

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