The Provincial Executive Committee of VOX Zaragoza has visited the exhibition “Living without fear, living with memory”. Located in the Etopia Art and Technology Center, it is organized by the Association of Victims of Terrorism. The CEP was attended by Vice President Carlos Falcón and members Carmen Rouco and Marisa Gaspar, who have shown their support for the AVT delegate in Aragon, Lucía Ruiz.

VOX Zaragoza shows its strongest condemnation of terrorism in all its forms. As well as the absolute rejection of the whitewashing that is being carried out in numerous institutions of the heirs of the terrorists. Those who have never condemned violence. Those whose only claim is precisely to end democracy and who do not seek the well-being of the nation should not be part of the democratic system.

The exhibition brings society closer to the scourge of terrorism that was present for more than 50 years, and that has not yet left. The victims of terrorism are true heroes. They have shown us the broader material of the words dignity, bravery, courage or overcoming.

Memory, dignity and justice for all of them.

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