VOX Zuera informs that the plenary session of the Zuera City Council approved last May an allocation for all municipal groups (PSOE, PP, PAR, Somos Zuera and FIA-PILL) of 60 euros per councilor and month for the entire year 2020 retroactively. It is the first time that these "bonuses" are approved in the history of democracy in the Zuera City Council, something "completely immoral", says the coordinator of Vox Zuera, Miguel Moreno.

In Zuera, the Socialist Party has 6 councilors, compared to 4 from the Popular Party. PAR, Somos Zuera and FIA-PILL add one councilor each. Therefore, this budget modification -which was approved with the votes in favor of PSOE, PAR, Somos Zuera and FIA-PILL and the abstention of the PP- generates some extra annual income of 4,320 euros for the PSOE, 2,880 euros for the PP; and 720 for Somos Zuera, PAR and FIA-PILL, respectively.

Moreno emphasizes that "the City Council already contributes the salaries, allowances or kilometers of the councilors"; and at the same time "have expanded councilor positions from part-time to full-time"In a context of" full pandemic and with the crisis that is upon us. " VOX Zuera advocates eliminating all superfluous spending from the City Council.

"This attitude of all the councilors of our municipality is immoral. From the Vox Zuera team we hope that they rectify and use these budget items to recover the most affected sectors. Stop receiving these amounts and dedicate them to the most disadvantaged in the municipality, ”concludes Miguel Moreno.

Miguel Moreno, VOX Zuera

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