Córdoba, Monday April 13, 2020. Vox has modified its priorities in the 2020 budget of the Córdoba City Council. "The best thing right now is to pass a budget that allows us to start working. There are projects that, due to the emergency situation that has been generated, will have to wait until 2021. At Vox we have added some amendments dedicated to the sectors of Córdoba that are having the worst and to families who need emergency aid due to this situation, ”he explained. VOX municipal spokesperson Paula Badanelli.

Paula Badanelli, VOX spokesperson for the city of Córdoba

Vox abstains from the finance commission "With the conviction that in the plenary session on Thursday we will be able to support accounts that we all know are not the accounts that Córdoba currently needs but on which we can work".

Regarding social spending, Vox will request the expansion of the budget line. to associations in defense of life "such as Adorers, Red Madre or Adevida, in emergency situations we have to help so that this crisis is not a reason not to get ahead", and adds Badanelli, "Also to associations that are helping the Those most in need, such as Cáritas, or those who help families with a member with a disability, where this crisis may be aggravated, such as Down Córdoba, Craer, Acoda. Others also like ANFANE, which helps families not lose their homes due to specific problems ”.

Aid for trade, freelancers, SMEs, hospitality and the taxi sector

VOX has included yet another trade item “We have to help the small business to put itself on the market, to incentivize people to generate those much-needed purchases. We will do it through associations such as BNI, ATA, Aje, we do not include CECO because we understand that they have already allocated a sufficient amount to incentivize the business fabric ”.

From Vox they have also paid attention to the Taxi sector and of course in the hospitality industry, “sectors that have been greatly affected by the crisis, we understand that due to a health emergency, but of which many Cordoba families live, do not doubt that we are going to be with them. It is very difficult to take advantage of the economic advantage that the government has invented, they work in modules and they have to demonstrate 75 percent of the fall in income. ”

Finally, the municipal spokesperson for VOX wanted to make it clear that “for our party there are no colors right now, we have to work for the common good, so I have transferred it to José María Bellido, it seems unthinkable that in this situation someone wants to remove political revenue. We also expect some flexibility from the central government for the municipalities with the aim of being able to manage the budget surplus that we will have through investments that cannot be executed. ”

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