Dozens of people have approached the doors of the school in Tarrasa where a few days ago broke the controversy over the complaint of a ten-year-old student who claimed to have been assaulted by her teacher, who would have expelled the child after seeing her drawing a flag of Spain.

This aggression is not an isolated event, since it takes place in a growing dynamic of animosity toward non-independentists in Catalonia. In the minds of all are the aggressions that have taken place against all those demonstrators opposed to independence, the attack on the seats of the parties or the reports that prove the indoctrination that takes place today in various educational centers of Catalonia .

In response to this episode, dozens of anonymous people have been coming along these last few days to leave their drawings with the red flag on the door of the school where everything has happened, which has been flooded by the solidarity shown by the neighbors who have wanted to approach to show their support.

Among those present there was Antonio Amador, provincial vice president, and the Coordinator of VOX Tarrasa, Jesus, who have not overlooked the case and have come to show their solidarity with the rest of the team. VOX will pursue these types of attitudes, first with the law in hand, then carrying out measures and proposals aimed at centralizing education and ensuring a unique model of education.

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