"We are prepared, the PP has a plan for Spain and Spain can not afford and could not support another economic crisis with the PSOE in the Government"

Pablo Casado affirms that "now that the PSOE has recognized the crisis, Spain needs us more than ever to avoid the crisis, generate economic growth, increase employment and continue financing the Welfare State that makes us proud as the best nation in the world"

  • Define the PP for its "effectiveness, experience, programs, equipment and economic principles" that your political project will offer the Spanish in the next elections
  • It contrasts the words imposed, unemployment, crisis, interventionism, blockade, precariousness, backwardness and poverty that accompany the PSOE when it governs the incentives, employment, growth, freedom, agreement, stability, progress and increase of wealth that define the governments of the PP
  • He describes the legislature of Sanchez as the "story of a great emptiness and a great failure", and notes that the recovery that the PP Government had left is already "the story of a great frustration that must be remedied"
  • He thanks Sánchez that “he finally recognizes the economic crisis, that his government is unable to avoid it and that they will spread the burdens among all citizens”
  • It conveys a message of optimism, and stresses that its Government will focus on "trust", "reforms" and "welfare" because "you can live on income for a while", but "if you do not resume macroeconomic reforms" the economy falls ”

The popular leader proposes PP solutions in the economic field based on the “five pillars of competitiveness”:

1. Fiscal revolution. Commitment to lower personal income tax below 40%; reduce the Corporate Tax below 20%; elimination of inheritance, donation and wealth taxes, as well as the Tax of Documented Legal Acts for the purchase of habitual housing, and the introduction of tax incentives for saving

2. Labor market. Promote a flat rate of 12 months for freelancers and 24 months for the disabled, battered women, over 52 years of age and long-term unemployed; a new law of entrepreneurs, the commitment to start-ups and their growth with favorable taxation and expand the law of second chance.

3. Training Bet on Dual FP, bilingualism, STEM technology, progress in the universalization of education from 0 to 3 years and assessments at the end of Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate

4. Remove administrative obstacles. A company can be created in 5 days; an office for entrepreneurship will unify the registration procedures, Tax Agency and Social Security, and legislation that guarantees the market unit and the rationalization of the administrative structure will be promoted

5. Economic competitiveness. Search for a cost of competitive energy, legal security, with the objective that 20% of GDP is produced by the industrial sector, defense of our tourism model and the Common Agricultural Policy

It also ensures that Juanma Moreno a present example of what the PP will do from the Government of Spain from November 10

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