The PP thus reacts to a proposal by Geroa Bai, white label of the PNV in Navarra and governs in coalition with the PSN-PSOE, which also intends to place the Basque ikurriña flag in the buildings of Navarra.

The Popular Party has expressed today its total opposition to Navarre symbols being integrated into the shield of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. Popular formation has thus reacted to the proposal of Geroa Bai, a Government partner in Navarra with the socialist María Chivite, who also asks that the Basque flag, the Ikurriña, also wave in the official buildings of the Regional Community.

The Popular Party considers a mockery to all Navarrese the claim of the Basque nationalist groups to include the chains of Navarra in the shield of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, something that was annulled by the Constitutional Court in 1985 and has reiterated its opposition to that nationalism imposes the teaching of another Community, such as the ikurriña, in official buildings of Navarra.

The PP has reacted in this way to the proposals that Geroa Bai has included in the debate on the new law of Symbols of Navarra that is being prepared in the Foral Community. A reference law that was repealed in the last legislature, precisely by the Government headed by the nationalist Uxue Barkos, leader of Geroa Bai.

The Popular Party has announced that in addition to the debate that will take place on this law in the Navarre Chamber, it will promote initiatives in Congress and in the Senate to foster a debate to preserve the identity of Navarra as a differentiated Regional Community within the whole of Spain , in the face of the annexationist aggression promoted by Basque nationalism.

The Popular Party will act in defense of the community model for which the Navarrese have democratically opted since the transition, a defense that also requires the PSOE to take a step forward, abandoning its tactics by the armchair, and focus on defending what the Navarrese have been demanding for years.

The picture of shame

The Popular Party considers that these assignments and negotiations of the Socialists have reached their maximum climax with what they have described as the ‘photo of shame’: the meeting that yesterday led the representatives of PSOE and Bildu. For the Popular Party, the assignment that the radical Basque independence activists raised yesterday to take those convicted of belonging to the ETA terrorist band to Basque jails is an insult and humiliation for the victims of terrorism. The socialists are claudicating before Basque nationalism, both in Navarra and in Spain.

For the Popular Party it is unheard of the mutism that has accompanied all the barons of the PSOE, who have not said a single word of protest to prevent their party from sitting down to negotiate, as it has already done in Navarra, with a formation that neither He condemns the ETA violence, nor has he moved a single finger to repair some of the damage caused.

The 'popular' have demanded Sanchez not to insult the victims of ETA terrorism, many of whom were for defending the ideology of Spanish socialism and has demanded that he stop talking to those whose sole objective is to break Spain and the coexistence of the Spanish.

The Popular Party believes that, with yesterday's meeting, Pedro Sánchez has already chosen and has shown that he is willing to do anything to get the chair of La Moncloa.

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