"We do not understand how having AVE and free industrial land, companies do not come to Calatayud." The concern of the inhabitants of Calatayud and specifically those of VOX has reached the Provincial Council of Zaragoza. With the recent visit to the town of Carlos Rodrigo, VOX Spokesperson Deputy in the DPZ, a boost is given to the spirits of its inhabitants. And its main request, the establishment of a greater industry in the area, will not thus fall on deaf ears.

For Pilar Delgado, councilor for VOX in the Calatayud town hall, and Gerardo Bernal, coordinator of the same party in this capital of the Zaragoza region, it is not understood why there are not or more companies arrive in this part of the province. "It seems they have forgotten us," they comment.

In fact, these political leaders emphasize that not only is there enough industrial land, but the Calatayud City Council itself gives it up for free. That is why they do not understand the lack of business implantation.

"And not only that," they add, "but having AVE and everything, in addition to the industries not coming, they leave us."

For this reason, they are grateful for Carlos Rodrigo's visit, which they hope will be helpful so that “at least from the DPZ on the situation and they can help us. Since the Government of Aragon is promoting Tarazona and Ejea, for example, and nothing to us. Being as we are a strategic point between Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Madrid. And being the second most important city in the province and fourth in all of Aragon »

The mayor and the coordinator also point out a significant lack of institutes and universities, which “would make it easier for our young people not to have to go elsewhere. With what this would mean for development in Calatayud ».

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