The municipal group of VOX has proposed that the City Council of Granada study, as a saving measure, the elimination of the diets that the corporations perceive for their attendance at the Boards of Directors of the investee companies.

The VOX councilor Mónica Rodríguez Gallego has registered a question to know the amount of the diets that the councilors receive for the attendance to the Boards of Directors “when understanding that in the salary of the councilors all their responsibilities with the city are sufficiently reflected” .

From VOX remember that the debt of the City of Granada with suppliers and banks amounts to about 270 million euros. “We know that from the Area of ​​Economy and Finance efforts are being made to reduce this debt in the face of the hypothetical approval of municipal budgets, which will mean the cut in certain items, or in some cases their direct elimination, to achieve the much needed economic stability of this session ”.

“This sacrifice should be applied equally to the members of the corporation, who were commissioned by the people of Granada to work for the good of the city. We cannot think of a better way to respond to the trust of our neighbors, that the councilors with the obligation to attend the boards of directors of the participating municipal companies renounce the diets for their attendance, since we consider it as part of the work of the mayor ”, insisted Mónica Rodríguez Gallego.

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