The president of VOX has been this morning in esRadio, where he has been able to talk with Federico Jiménez Losantos on various topics, among which have been the minutes of negotiation of the Government with ETA, the sanitary cord of Citizens or the viability of the different pacts .

With regard to the pacts, Santiago Abascal has indicated that the ideal alternative to this situation would be a tripartite one and that is open to dialogue, since VOX have been reaching out to dialogue and various agreements for more than a week without getting answers by part of the formation of Albert Rivera. In addition, he commented that you can not support without conditions, being subjected to a tragala, a party that has applied a sanitary cord that leads them to be cornered in the political landscape.

In addition, he said that an ideological structure has been created that tries to corner them from the debate and that seeks to expel them from the negotiations as if it were a letter of invitation. For this reason, he has mentioned on numerous occasions that only the formations that sit with us at the table will be supported.

This is something that is being measured and demanded in terms of representation, because we want our voters to be represented in institutions and in future governments. Not in vain, our motto in campaign was well synthesized under the slogan "Your voice in Madrid"

We have come to defend ideas, not to occupy chairs, and if by our pacts or by our activity those ideas can not be translated into our policies, our function would be meaningless.

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