Weekend of the quarry

NEWS | 06/14/2019

The Juvenil A will play on Sunday at home the semifinals of the Copa del Rey against Villarreal (6:00 pm, Realmadrid TV).

New weekend of quarry, in which the Juvenil A will face home Villarreal in the first leg of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey (Sunday, 6:00 pm, Realmadrid TV). Benjamin A disputes the Tournament of Champions and the Alevin A XXVI National Tournament Pamesa LaLiga Promises. Cadet B, Children A and Benjamin B also play in different tournaments.

XIII Miguel Malbo Tournament
Cadete B-Sevilla (Saturday, 12:00 h, Realmadrid TV)

Those of Diego Nogales compete against Sevilla the XIII edition of the Miguel Malbo Tournament, in tribute to the main driver of the Madrid academy.

XVIII Tournament of León
Sport3León-Infantil A (0-9)
Infant A-Evergrande (Saturday, 11:30 h)

The Infant A, after proclaiming champion Francisco de Goya Tournament, now faces a new challenge, this time in León. Iker (5), Slime (3) and Crag they were the scorers against Sport3León. This Saturday they will play against Evergrande. The two best of each group will dispute the semifinals on Sunday, in search of a pass to the final of 18:30 h.

Champions League
Benjamín A-Adarve (Saturday, 09:00 h, Realmadrid TV)
Benjamín A-San Blas (Saturday, 10:00 am, Realmadrid TV)
Benjamín A-Parque Sureste (Saturday 12:00 h; Realmadrid TV)

The Benjamin A will play on Saturday against the Adarve (09:00 h), San Blas (10:00 h) and Southeast Park (12:00 h) to try to achieve qualification to the qualifiers of the Champions Cup. The quarters and the semifinals will be disputed on Sunday, as well as the final (12:45 h).

II Pozo María Memorial Tournament
Benjamín B-Caboalles (Saturday, 10:00 h)
Benjamín B-Aportuarte (Saturday, 12:00 h)

Those of Víctor Carvajal will be present in Caboalles de Abajo (León) to play a tournament in which all the matches are played on Saturday. The Benjamin B will face the local team (10:00 h) and the Aportuarte (12:00 h). The quarterfinals will take place in the early afternoon, before the semifinals (6:00 pm) and the final (7:40 pm).

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