El senador del Partido Popular, Bienvenido de Arriba

He denounces the “despotism” of the Sánchez Government, which has led him to put the figure of the King at risk

The senator of the Popular Parliamentary Group for Salamanca, Welcome from Above, said today, during the control session of the Government held in the Upper House, that "every time the Socialists govern they intend to end Montesquieu and the division of powers."

“Every time they govern they exhibit their despotism against those who defend positions other than their own; But this time, their authoritarianism and radicalism have led them to put at risk even the figure that represents us all. So far they have come ”, has denounced the PP senator.

With this forcefulness the senator has expressed himself during an oral question to the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, whom he asked if he could explain to his honorable Members and, “especially to the thousands of socialists of good will, why if the King , who represents us all, visited Barcelona, ​​disturbed coexistence ”, he remarked.

In addition, Bienvenido de Arriba has assured that “never, in more than 40 years of democracy, has a government with such a small majority behaved with such authoritarianism; A former minister and socialist deputy was never appointed Attorney General, nor did they dare so much when the "Pollo del Pinar" was appointed Attorney General; and never before has the Government attacked the Judiciary, nor was the Head of State denied where to go ”, he stated emphatically.

He has also urged the minister to "defend what unites us, the common project that we Spaniards assume with the Constitution of 78" and has reminded him that "patriotism is making the best policies for our fellow citizens, so that in good times they can progress and in times of crisis no one is left behind ”. "Patriotism is that the Greater Notary of the Kingdom is capable of supporting the King, because he represents us all Spaniards," he remarked.


In another moment of his speech in the Plenary, the senator of the Popular Group has emphasized that since his political formation "we censure that he wants to modify the crimes of sedition and rebellion to benefit seditious convicted firmly".

"We censure him for exchanging pardons for budgets and we censure him that by pursuing a Judicial Power at his dictates, he tries to make us believe that this is the most democratic," he has reproached Campo.

Likewise, Bienvenido de Arriba has reproached the minister for "fraternizing in a bathing suit with convicts awaiting a final sentence by the Supreme Court and, instead, treating the King as a disturber of coexistence in our country."

Finally, the PP senator from Salamanca reminded him that what really interests the Spanish “is to know the truth about the number of deaths, to know if his government is going to make the necessary policies to get out of the crisis or is going to worsen it . We are interested in knowing if your Government is rowing in favor of the Constitution, or rowing against the radical orders of Señor Iglesias, ”he remarked.

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