VOX spokesman in Congress, Ivan Espinosa, has been this morning in Public Mirror where he stressed that VOX and the PP have signed a government coalition agreement with participation in the councils of Government in all places where our training has representation and in a proportion according to this one. This government coalitions agreement PP-C's-Vox is of global application, throughout Spain.

In addition, it has emphasized the fact that the agreements should not last a day and disappear, but must be maintained for four years because otherwise, as the months advance will come the second parts: budgets, regulatory approval, laws … and then VOX will have the word in town councils that will become ungovernable.

Referring to the incessant interference of Macron in Spanish politics, he pointed out that to whom he should ask for explanations for his pacts with extremists, it is Mr. Valls, who has guaranteed the mayoralty of Barcelona by agreeing with the extreme left. In the second place, he said that it is unheard of that in the 21st century there are leaders with the capacity to interfere in the political affairs of a sovereign country.

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