Headlines of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo in Es La Mañana de Federico

  • Sánchez is plotting a new betrayal of democracy in tandem with ERC. That is the political operation that we play on Sunday. He came to power with the votes of two parties that had starred in a coup d'etat a few months earlier.
  • We have to regroup with all conviction and force the vote in the PP because it is the only party that can take a seat more than the PSOE on Sunday to stop that operation that is underway and start a new stage.
  • The fundamental thing is to take advantage of this opportunity that Sánchez has given us to lead and have the initiative. One more seat is the starting point to have a strength that we don't have now: let's massively get the vote and then get the partners.
  • The PSOE will go the way of a minimum decency if we lead a policy. Never was a useful vote more patriotic, necessary and urgent. Let's try to join the vote to throw Sanchez and end this dark stage.
  • The PSOE only attends to reasons when others strongly lead a policy. The example is the illegalization of Batasuna or the famous manifestation of 8-O of 2017, the most important in democratic history, because Spain had never mobilized in defense of constitutionalism in Catalonia. The PSC did not come to that, but the success was such that they were forced to participate in the second.
  • When it is expensive, nationalism recedes. Today we are going to make a rally in the symbolic Urquinaona square, because the street is also ours. And because there is a constitutionalist and democratic Catalonia that claims its right not only to exist but to have a voice, strength, representation, presence, power and even budget.
  • Last night we held a rally with Rosa Díez and Jordi Roca in Tarragona and just in front was a congress of xenophobes. They had gathered there Artur Mas, the mother of the creature – the father is Pujol-; Puigdemont, thanking Sanchez for the huge favor he did with the bluff of the Prosecutor's Office; Torra, saying "this one of the boys has gotten out of hand", and Borrás, who practices one of those hypocrisies of nationalism: jelly and justifies violence against the National Police and then visits the one who was seriously injured to feel morally better .

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