The deputy of VOX in Aragon Santiago Morón has defended the position of the specialists who have treated thousands of patients: “When the patient is relieved of pain and is not considered a burden, none wants to die. Therefore, we must focus our efforts on achieving a good regulation of palliative care. Up to 75,000 people die each year in Spain without receiving sufficient palliative care. This is a real shame, ”said the VOX spokesperson on health matters in the Courts of Aragon.

"The citizens what they want is a dignified life, without suffering, attended by the Public Services, to whose support they have contributed all their life, and to be able to be accompanied by their loved ones," said Morón.

The deputy of VOX, has questioned the opportunity to bring this issue to the Courts of Aragon. And he has indicated that it is related to the parliamentary process of euthanasia in the General Courts. Thus, he acknowledged that he froze when he read the proposal to add, "What I believe is that you prove to have a great ignorance of what citizens want."

The importance of the code of ethics

Santiago Morón has indicated that “there is a code of ethics, to which all medical professionals are due, which is updated, adapting to scientific advances and whose sole reason for being is to ensure the health of the patient, understanding this as physical, psychic and social well-being; respecting of course the autonomy of the patient ”.

“Don't take us for idiots. Whether they want to recognize it or not, this NLP does not intend other than to advance in the path of the implantation of euthanasia and medically assisted suicide as an individual right, under the umbrella of patient autonomy, as they already did in 2017 with the NLP approval on euthanasia. And so we will vote against, concluded Santiago Morón.

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