The Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) has approved the incorporation Woonivers, which has developed the first application of the 100% digital market that makes it easier for merchants to manage VAT refunds for non-EU tourists. In this way, the Spanish startup becomes the first company in the fintech / traveltech sector to integrate into the management of Spanish companies.

In a meeting prior to the General Assembly, held on July 4, the Board of Directors of the CEOE has decided that Woonivers will become part of five Commissions: Tourism, Digital Society, R + D + i, Promoting Entrepreneurship, and Commerce. In addition, the company will also participate in the VAT Working Group, which is part of the Fiscal Commission.

Javier Calderón, director of the Department of Companies and Organizations of the CEOE, says "For CEOE, having start-ups like Woonivers is fundamental, new business models and digitalization are a fundamental pillar in our organization, adding companies whose businesses are 100% digital allows us to strengthen our work of influence in This area and thus establish a favorable scenario for the development of new business models.

On the other hand, Antonio Cantalapiedra, co-founder and coCEO of Woonivers, has been very satisfied with this decision, which, in his opinion, "reflects a commitment to the promotion of digital tourism and the promotion of entrepreneurship in our country. Spain will not be a leading country until it recognizes the role of the employer as a generator of employment, prosperity and development, and we are as relevant to society as footballers, singers or actors. "

Together with Woonivers, the CEOE has also accepted the applications submitted by Inditex, Glovo and the Superior Council of Associations of Architects of Spain.

A right of all non-EU tourists

The refund of taxes for purchases made in the European Union is a right of all non-EU tourists. In Spain, since January 1 it is mandatory that all businesses have the option to issue electronic VAT refund documents, having also eliminated the minimum amount that tourists must spend to have this right (before the return could only be claimed if the € 90.15 was exceeded).

The application of Woonivers allows businesses to carry out the procedures related to tax free in a simple, fast and digitalized way, offering them the possibility of complying with the regulations, freeing themselves from the responsibility of management, training and documentation, since once is registered on the platform, it takes care of everything.

For its part, the tourist no longer needs to fill out forms or wait for queues at the customs: just download the free Woonivers app on your mobile (available for iOS and Android) and scan the tickets for the different purchases you make during your visit. stay in Spain. Then, when you arrive at the port or airport to return to your country you should look for the DIVA machine, a self-service scanner where you can scan the QR codes of your different purchases to complete the return request.

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