The self-employed over 40 years have increased in the last ten years, due to the passage of time of the self-employed who has consolidated their activity and the new discharges of professionals over 45 years of age who suffered a lot during the crisis, but who have found in self-employment a professional outlet that values ​​their knowledge and experience, according to the National Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers, ATA. Thus, we can say that the average age of the Spanish business network is increased, supported by measures such as active retirement that has doubled the number of self-employed people over 65, from 66,079 in August 2009 to 124,675 in August 2019. Especially significant is also the increase in 78,654 freelancers between 50 and 54 years in a decade (+ 18.5%) and the next strip with an increase of almost 25% of freelancers between 55 and 59 years (+87,874 freelancers).

In the same period the increase in pensioners shows how active retirement has meant that this increase in the last 5 years has been less than half (5.9%) than in salaried employees in the last 5 years (14, 7%)

With the exception of the age range between 16 and 19 years, the autonomous strips under 40 have lost affiliation in the last 10 years. Especially striking is the loss of 32.1% of the self-employed between 30 and 34 years old, which represents an absolute loss of 119,294 self-employed and 17.5% of those between 35 and 39 years old (-79,866 self-employed). In the last decade (data last day August 2009 – August 2019) Spain has lost 267,795 young entrepreneurs.

And if we also deepen a little more and see by gender what this decrease is, it is verified that It is the men who have fallen the most in the affiliation in these age groups, adding up to 63% of that loss (a total of 168,112 male freelancers under 30 to 40 years old).

"It is essential to eliminate the obstacles that young entrepreneurs continue to find to start an activity. And of course help them consolidate those businesses that build peoples and create economy and provide employment. Among others, it is necessary to facilitate access to the flat rate for corporate self-employed as established by the Law of Urgent Reforms of Autonomous Work of 2017, as do the self-employed individual. They need an adequate fiscal environment in the first years of activity and legal certainty to undertake without fear, ”said Fermín Albaladejo, vice president of ATA and president of CEAJE. “Spain cannot afford to lose young entrepreneurs. Something fails, when in other countries young entrepreneurs grow and here they get lost. You have to take quick action or we condemn ourselves to an unfortunate lack of entrepreneurial spirit. ”

“In ATA we do not tire of repeating that it is essential to facilitate re-entrepreneurship so that a failure is not a definitive abandonment of the business career. We must promote generational relief and business succession by completely eliminating inheritance and donation tax for business transfers between family members, ”said Albaladejo. "On the other hand it is necessary to extend active retirement to 100% to all freelancers, in view of the excellent results that the current regulations are giving." "If something works, we must expand and encourage it," he added.

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