During his speech at the "Depopulation Congress: a political (and poetic) challenge" held in Sigüenza (Guadalajara), Valerio added that the Government "has already marked a road map for an upcoming approval at the Conference of Presidents of the General Guidelines of the National Strategy against the Demographic Challenge"which were approved in the Council of Ministers last March.

Guidelines that set its action in coordinating actions related to the elderly and attention to dependency throughout the territory; the implementation of projects that guarantee intergenerational relief in all sectors; the work, in coordination with the EU, to channel a regular, orderly and territorially rooted migration, as well as facilitate the return of Spaniards residing abroad who wish to return.

Other advances referred to by the Minister, is the contribution, in the call for grants of 2019 to "Activities to promote autonomous work, social economy and corporate social responsibility", to host projects whose scope of action were the rural and depopulated territories.

UPTA Project-Ministry of Labor

In this sense, the project developed jointly by UPTA (Union of Professionals and Autonomous Workers) and the General Directorate of Autonomous Labor, Social Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility, an agency under the Ministry of Labor, Migration, advanced and Social Security, which is specified in the creation of the Network of Rural, Entrepreneurs and Social Economy Municipalities to boost the rural economy, betting on the environment and the roots of the population, preventing their migration.

Minister Valerio recalled the approval by the Council of Ministers last March of Return Plan to Spain, whose objective is that close to one million Spaniards, mostly young people, who were forced to emigrate, get the return of a personal, professional, administrative and territorial type.

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