We know that it is difficult to stop smoking. Sooner or later every addict tries, with successes and failures for all tastes. Therefore, we launched the data: Do you know that with the amount spent by an average consumer of tobacco during a month, I could buy up to six books? And surely hardcover! Better not to consider the whopping figure that would come out a year. Our philosophy is: "less give the cigarette and more books in your pocket".

Therefore, from PlanetadeBooks we recommend three readings that, combined with your willpower, will help you fill your library and take more puffs of clean air:

World No Tobacco Day: lower those smokes_Allen CarrThe first, It is easy to quit smoking, if you know how. The book of Allen Carr that came from his Easy Way method. He himself devised it when, while still dedicating himself to the world of financial counseling, he stopped smoking easily and through a pleasant process. And, he explained in later interviews, he was able to smoke a hundred cigarettes a day!

Carr made the Easy Way technique famous through his talks and came to be implemented in business programs. In fact, the book, which has already sold more than 1,200,000 copies, comes with the intention of helping all those who could not attend any of its sessions. It is guaranteed by 70% success and does not require tricks or substitutes. Dare to try it!

World No Tobacco Day: lower those humos_DummiesThe recommended second reading is the self-help book Stop smoking for Dummies. A guide to not start feeling the process of quitting tobacco. The book advises us, step by step, through different tricks and techniques to gain confidence and not have relapses. Above all, this method is based on the knowledge of the factors that stimulate us not to quit smoking and to return to habit. Knowing them is always easier to avoid. In addition, it includes chapters with tips to control the anxiety that smoking cessation can produce without resorting to binge eating.

World No Tobacco Day: lower those fumes_LicenciaFinally, and thirdly, License to kill. In this case we move away from the classic books of self-help or practical methods to abandon the cigarette on the lips. Carlos Escolà proposes a retrospective of the world of tobacco in Spain. Why has this addiction been allowed to grow in society and why have not control policies begun until recently? Surely, if the tobacco industry were to flourish right now, it would have a very different path. Know where we came from to know where we are going Or know why we have not gone before. Highly recommended reading for its analysis, references and reflections.

Happy World No Tobacco Day!

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