Although many of you have already cut your hair and only hear loud music when you think no one hears you, we know that rock beats in your veins. So with the excuse of World Rock Day, We have set up our own literary band. A selection of five books that, to our liking, make up a hymn to this musical style.

In our concert all the classics will have place, with all their anecdotes and photographs. Wow, you will not miss detalle. VWe are going to use riffs strident, blunt melodies and elegant bass lines. Rock never dies, so reading is a way -also- to live and let live.

World Rock Day: Books to feel the rhythm in the veins_it's only RockIn front of our band, and dominating the vocal part, we find the book It's Only Rock and Roll. Written by Susana Monteagudo and illustrated by Marta Colomer. A fantastic guide (illustrated, as we said) that brings together great bands and classic moments. A way to discover or simply remember the great characters that have made this genre what it is. Surely more than one and one has to get a handkerchief when it reaches the pages dedicated to Bowie or Amy. Rock is an excuse for rebellion and this is reflected in the book. Discovering its evolution and fusion with other genres will be easy and enjoyable through this book.

World Rock Day: Books to feel the rhythm in the veins_Chronics RockOur strongest bet, sitting on the drums, is Chronicles of rock, by David Roberts. A trip of fast-paced rhythm for the 250 most influential bands in the history of rock. Make fabulous triplets reviewing the history of each formation, its sound and the different signatures that managed them. Because everyone knows the Motown, but few more record labels are known. Everything is combined with box beats, gathering the key moments to understand the consecration of each group. It will be necessary to be alert to the double pedal!

World Rock Day: Books to feel the rhythm in the veins_Paco and rockAt our base, we find our lines simpler and, why not say, a little more childish. Paco and rock. Musical book of Magali Le Huche. This little dog, who discovers in each of his adventures a new genre, has finally come across rock. Fascinated by the city of London as capital of this style, our friend is going to move there with the intention of fulfilling a dream: record a disc. Whether it succeeds or not, the pages will count. Meanwhile you can interact with the book, since it includes 16 musical pieces inside.

World Rock Day: Books to feel the rhythm in the veins_Led ZeppelinArriving at the guitars, we find in our rhythmic part the homage to Led Zeppelin, by Chris Welch. This author reviews each of the songs of the group that changed rock forever. They were able, in a little less than ten years, to reinvent the genre by building bridges with other musical styles and climbing stairs to the sky. The book makes a review of each of his songs, without leaving anecdotes or unpublished material (postcards, posters or backstage passes) It will seem that you will see Plant again and Page on stage!

World Rock Day: Books to feel the rhythm in the veins_Life

And last but not least: our melodic guitar is reserved for Lifetime, by Keith Richards. The guitarist of the Rolling Stones brings to light his darkest part (beyond his eye shadow). I can get no satisfaction parapa pararararapapa, surely many and many know how to hum. His life was of excesses and challenges, writing them is a task that leaves its mark. Apart from the life of Richards, in this book you can discover the years of formation and consolidation of the Rolling, through a voice that lived the facts in the first person.

Let yourself be infected by the rhythm, rebelliousness and good taste of rock. Surely more than one song has come to mind after reading this article, imagine what you can get with a book!

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