World Theater Day 2020: #RegresaremosALosTeatros

Today, World Theater Day, all of us who form the theater family join the applause at 8pm for our Health with our witness light from our balconies: ushers, actresses, actors, prompts, audiovisual technicians, dancers, bedeles, singers , characterizers, songwriters, directors, playwrights, electricians, set designers, management staff, illuminators, cleaning staff, maintenance technicians, machinists, office staff technician, hairdressers, journalists, producers, regidores, salon staff, tailors, sound workers, box office staff, props, costumes, video artists, security guards, and all those professions that make theater possible.

This is an initiative of the Association of Show Management ARE, the CDN National Dramatic Center and the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music INAEM, in collaboration with all the professional associations of the Performing Arts in Spain.

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