Xaime Martínez, awarded the National Prize for Young Poetry & # 039; Miguel Hernández & # 039; 2019

The prize, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is endowed with 20,000 euros.

The jury has chosen this work "for the poetic intelligence manifested in the fictional use of poetry, as well as a fascinating ability to propose an innovative reading of the poem. The conception of the book as poetic architecture and its commitment to the tradition of breaking combines with a bold and surprising humor. "


Xaime Martínez Menéndez (Oviedo, 1993) graduated in Philology and currently conducts doctoral studies in the Oviedo University. He is the author of the poems Fire Cross (2014), with which he won the XVII Young Poetry Award 'Antonio Carvajal' and Hibernia (2017), the latter written in Asturian. He participated in the 'transcription' of the book Organizational Principles of Wild Patarrealism (2016), signed with the collective heteronym of Rinoceronte García. He is part of the musical group La Bande, with whom he has published the albums The Call of the Deer Man (2015) and An Exquisite Corpse (2016).

He is also co-editor of the digital magazine Oculta Lit and has collaborated in publications such as PlayGround, Tentaciones, La Nueva España, Rolling Stone or Anáfora.


The jury has been chaired by Begoña Cerro Prada, deputy general director of Book, Reading and Letters Promotion. As vowels have been present Helena González Fernández, for the Royal Galician Academy / Royal Galician Academy; Koldobika Josu Bijuesca Basterretxea, for the Royal Academy of the Basque Language / Euskaltzaindia; Vicenç Llorca i Berrocal, for the Institute of Catalan Studies / Institut d'Estudis Catalans; Nuria Barrios Fernández, for the Collegiate Writers Association (ACE); María Consuelo Candel Vila, by the Spanish Association of Literary Critics; Antonio Lucas Herrero, for the Federation of Journalist Associations of Spain (FAPE); María do Cebreiro Rábade Villar, for the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE); Rosa María Aradra Sánchez, for the UNED Gender Studies Center; Vicente Valero Marí, appointed by the Minister of Culture and Sports; and Berta García Faet, award-winning author in 2018.

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