The Yebes City Council has asked the new sub-delegate of the Government in Guadalajara, Mercedes Gómez, the creation of a Local Police force. The municipal group of VOX in Yebes has thus achieved the objective of its motion presented last July. A motion that was rejected by the government team led by the socialist José Miguel Cócera and that it has now decided to carry out.

The spokesperson for the municipal VOX group in the Yebes City Council Antolín Muñoz He was delighted with the goal achieved and stressed that “It is shown that the decision that the socialist government took in July to reject our proposal was totally partisan and partial. Now, five months later, what was neither necessary nor urgent for them has become a priority ”.

Once this goal is achieved “We are satisfied that our proposal is going to be carried out and in Yebes we can have a local police force. This is a totally necessary initiative for a municipality that has tripled its population in the last decade to exceed 4,000 registered inhabitants. For this reason it is essential to have your own security and although five months have been lost, it is never too late if happiness is good ", has assured the mayor of VOX.

Insecurity in Yebes

Crime in recent months is taking center stage in the municipality with “Theft of boilers in empty flats or when neighbors go on vacation, harassment of children in the middle of the street or robberies in garages and storage rooms. I have lived here for 13 years and the situation has never been like now, crime is growing like foam, we have a real problem ", the municipal spokesperson for the training has finished.

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