Yolanda Díaz affirms that the social dialogue tool will be applied in autonomous work

Yolanda Díaz has affirmed, at the end of the meetings she has held with the associations of self-employed workers and workers ATA, UPTA and UATAE, that "the tool of social dialogue in autonomous work" will be applied. In this way, according to the head of Labor, they are going to talk about "legislative improvements and the needs and deficient factors that occur in the world of autonomous work."

In this sense, Díaz stressed that "we are talking about the drafting of the Labor Statute and not of the workers. We do it from that aspect that is autonomous work," because "to speak today of self-employed workers is to talk about 3 millions of people who are very important to our country. "

The minister, in relation to autonomous work, said that "in different situations we have to give different answers, because talking about freelancers is talking about heterogeneity," to which she added that "you cannot treat everyone equally. We will legislate with that unequal look, because they have different needs, and we are going to do it with dialogue and facing problems. "

False Autonomous

The minister took the opportunity to reference "a problem that this country has and that are the so-called false self-employed", who do "a disservice to the great professionals that our country has, that risk and create employment". These "false freelancers are in an area of ​​gloom and abuse a tool unfairly. It will act with forcefulness," said the minister.

Díaz also referred to the issue of "feminizing autonomous work, so that more efforts are made." In this regard, the minister asked "how does an autonomous person reconcile", because – he added – "the law speaks of rights, but we must go down to the underworld and realize those rights we have."

Finally, the head of Labor and Social Economy highlighted another important point in these meetings such as "innovation in autonomous work" and, in particular, as "added value and linked to training", because it is important for Autonomous professionals who "have resources for quality training, whether in a rural area or in a large city".

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