Yolanda Díaz believes that it is crucial to guarantee good working conditions for a good professional performance of the members

The holder of Labor has made these statements at the inauguration of the II Congress of Professions organized by the Professional Union that brings together the Spanish collegiate professions. In this act, Minister Diaz has congratulated the Professional Union "and its one million three hundred thousand members and colleges" for the celebration of the 40th anniversary

Díaz said in his inaugural address that the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy is interested "in improving the conditions in which the professional associations, often autonomous workers, develop their work", so it is necessary to "act on the quality of job is also to act on good professional performance. "

In addition, the Minister of Labor highlighted the commitment of professional associations that "coincides with the Government's commitment: to ensure that the work is carried out based on socially and professionally acceptable criteria and in accordance with the general interest."

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