Yolanda Díaz: "Facing precariousness, decent work"

The head of Labor and Social Economy also said that the "main challenge of this country is to recover the work with right, we must repeal the labor reform to resume the rights of women workers." The minister placed "the social dialogue" as the basis of her action and, in addition, stressed that "in the Government program, the elaboration of a new labor statute is included in the framework of the social dialogue."

The minister ended her speech by pointing out that "what Spanish society deserves is a requirement in labor relations to look to the future".


Yolanda Díaz Pérez was born in Fene (A Coruña) in 1971 and has a law degree. He has also completed several postgraduate courses in labor relations.

In 2007, she was elected councilor of the City of Ferrol, where she formed a coalition government with the PSOE and served as deputy mayor.

Elected in 2012 deputy in the Parliament of Galicia where he served as vice-spokesman until the general elections of 2016, which was chosen to represent the Galicians and Galicians in the Congress of Deputies.

Within the Congress, he has been the Spokesman of the United Confederal Group We Can – In Comú Podem – Galicia in Common. In addition, the deputy spokesperson of the Committee on Employment and Social Security, as well as the Spokesman of the Commission for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Agreements of the Toledo Pact.

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