There are already 166 young people who belong to Vox Zaragoza. More than 200 including volunteers. The main lines of action that they develop are recreational-educational, cleaning and solidarity activities. And from the organic team of Young Vox Zaragoza they have a clear premise. That of "integrate and involve the entire militancy”, Underlines the head of the organic team, Victoria Bergua.

The recreational-educational activities include discussion sessions, either individually or separated into teams to assess the current issues that surround us. Too talks and colloquia with the provincial deputies in Congress, Cortes de Aragón or councilors of various municipalities, at least one every month. At present, all the activities that involve social groups to exchange opinions are now carried out electronically.

Cleaning or collecting waste is another of the monthly activities, as is solidarity involvement. With a view to the start of each school year, Jóvenes Vox Zaragoza prepares a collection of school supplies. On Christmas dates, there will be another collection of food and toys.

Other initiatives, temporarily paralyzed due to sanitary restrictions, are the visits to municipalities in the province and information tables. In fact, from the municipality of Terrer, two young people contacted the organic team to make a visit due to the interest aroused in the municipality. At rallies and public events, they participate in organizational tasks.

Young Vox Zaragoza organic team

Victoria Bergua: Student of the Degree in Business Administration and Management in English. Born in 2000.

Roberto Artero: Student of the Degree in Law. Born in 2002.

Guillermo Alvo: Student of the Degree in Law. Born in 1997.

Javier Leal: Student of the Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management and councilor in the municipality of Cuarte de Huerva. Born in 1999.

Luisa Briz: Student of Business Administration and Management through the UNED. Born in 2000.

Alejandro Úriz: Student of the Degree in Law. Born in 1999.

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